The Outfit



We are The Outfit.

Beholden to no government. Respected by all. Feared by some.

The Outfit is an organization created for Dual Universe, full of outcasts including traders, smugglers, merchants, rogues and like-minded entrepreneurs. Some might even call us pirates from time to time. But those are their words, not ours!! Mostly, we just take the jobs we can get and we do what we have to do to survive. We WILL build a name for ourselves in this strange new sector of space.

We are currently recruiting…

The Crew:

We are going to build a strong fleet of ships and are in need of dedicated players who are interested in participating in PVP related game play to assist in our transportation services and related PVP activities.

If interested, please visit Our Crew Page to learn more about our structure and crew requirements.


The Outfit is not just a crew of people looking to make a living off our our trade skills and our fleet though! We are also looking for a few brave players who are interested in staking a claim with us in this brand new Universe.

The benefits will be numerous. If interested, visit Our Settler’s Page for all of the details.

We have already begun playing!

  • We use Discord regularly for gaming and meetings
  • We try to keep game servers up and running for our members to play together, currently we have an Empyrion server up and will be putting Conan Exiles back up once it launches.
  • We are creating 3D characters to aid in role play *
  • We are collaborating on a comic book together (Which has already caught  J.C. Baillie’s attention! )*
  • We have an active website and forum where we discuss many aspects of the game and our organization
  • We have begun making alliances and trade contracts with other Dual organizations
  • Many of our members contributed to the Kickstarter for Alpha access and are currently testing the game on a regular basis.
  • Four of our members were invited by the Devs to be on the DU Alpha Team Vanguard (ATV).

*The 3D characters and comic book are on hold until we get our 3D guy back, he’s been too busy with work lately to tend to these tasks.  If you are a 3D artist and would like to assist with these tasks, join us and PM Dhara for more info. We’d LOVE to have your help!!

You can participate in many ways!

  • Are you a great story-teller who would like to help with our new comic strip?
  • Are you a 3D artist who wants to help design characters for our members?
  • Want to design recruiting creatives and videos?  Any and all of you who have a passionate creative streak and want to have fun with that are more than welcome to apply!
  • Want to help contribute to the content on our website?

Or maybe you want to align with us, hire our services, or set up a shop in our settlement? We are currently in the process of creating such relationships and we would love to hear your proposal. Please contact us so we can discuss it!

General Rules:

ALL members must give their word to keep any/all dealings with us strictly confidential. Only our Legates can decide what information can be shared with our allies. If you ever break your word and reveal any of our plans, tactics style guides or any of our dealings to anyone outside of our group (even if you are no longer a member) you will be granted enemy status and could be shot on sight.

Members do not HAVE to participate in any particular activity going on in the organization. One of our Legates is a solo builder at heart and totally gets it. But we do require that you at least help us protect ourselves when needed and attend social events as your free time permits. You ARE joining a guild and the purpose of such an organization is for people to play together – at least sometimes.

We can’t promise that we will never ask you to do anything to help the community if we are in need. You can, of course, decline. However, I would not expect the rest of our players who DO like to contribute to be held 100% responsible for another member’s safety and enjoyment. For instance, if our settlement is attacked, and you’re sitting there building, we would expect you to help however you can. It is, after all, in your own best interests. We realize that this won’t always be possible and you might need to decline. But I don’t think we will want to keep members with us who refuse to EVER help us protect the very land they live on when needed. So please keep that in mind before you apply.

Finally, ALL of this stuff is subject to change at any time. Alpha is still a ways off and who knows what it will truly be like to play. Our organization is very new and much of this could change per our discussions with members about what we want out of this community. We may end up being either smaller or larger than we have planned. Or maybe we adopt another style for our settlement depending on the difficulty of achieving that style with the tools we get.

None of us are really sure what to expect so at this point, the Outfit plans on rolling with the punches and adapting to whatever works best and is the most fun for all of us.


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