The Outfit doesn’t want to just have the best Fleet in the game, we want the best settlement too! We need to build a thriving settlement full of commerce, government, entertainment and residents. We want it ALL!!

Settler Benefits:

Safety in Numbers:  Settlers can take advantage of living in a Safe Zone (be it an official game safe zone or one we make for ourselves) and live in relative safety in a strategic location suited for easier resource gathering and/or trade advantages.

No Taxes! Settlers will not pay taxes to live and do business in our settlement.

Govern Yourselves: Settlers will be encouraged to play politics, elect your own officials, and govern yourselves*.

Earn Prime Locations:  Active Settlers can earn the best locations for their shops, homes, farms, etc.

Discounted Services:  Settlers can take advantage of discounted shipping rates from our team to help get your goods to remote locations without taking on that danger yourself.

Play how you want:  Settlers can be casual players who do their own thing. You are not required to join our PVP team or participate in The Outfit’s sanctioned activities, runs and/or raids, but are certainly invited to do so!

Settlers are not required to give materials, time or in-game currency to live in our Settlement, but donation will come with it’s own rewards!

Advertise your business: Active Settlers will be rewarded with advertising billboards in our Settlement and even ads in our Comic Book!

Network of Allies:   Settlers can take advantage of our Alliances as well! We are hammering out details with many other organizations right now that will help ensure our safety, our sovereignty, our cash flow, and will allow us to do business on a regular basis with other organizations and in their settlements and cities. We WILL have allies, and from the way it’s going so far, it looks like our network of allies and business partners will be far-reaching and strong.

What will our Settlement look like?

We will be collaboratively creating a style guide for our Settlement.

We plan on leaning towards realism with smaller structures at first, like some of the towns and Villages you’ve seen in Firefly, Star Wars, Defiance, etc. They are gritty, have structures based on necessity, and use the resources they have available. This approach will achieve an unique, realistic settlement that will not only look awesome, but will be a functional and a popular place in which to reside and do business in.

We will all design this style guide together when we get in the game and learn what is possible with the tools we are given.

Once we nail down our style guide we will all be required to follow it as closely as possible when building the structures in town. We will also be deciding how to zone our Settlement. For instance, we won’t have a farm in the middle of town or an ugly factory destroying the view in our neighborhoods. We will work together to make this happen.

Through Alpha and Beta I would like to host workshops in game and/or via Twitter/Twitch to help everyone learn how to achieve the style guide we decide on. It is my hope that our community will work together and help each other achieve the style guide and create the most realistic and fun settlement in the game.

If we can do this much, then our settlement will be structured and ready to grow into thriving town, city and finally an maybe even a Metropolis one day That is the dream anyway 🙂

Settler Requirements:

– Adhere to our style guide as closely as you can. Your builds do not have to be masterpieces. They only have to match the overall look-n-feel the style we decide upon so they look like they belong.

– You will have access to our Private Member forums and while you may, or may not, be interested in chatting with us there, you WILL be required to keep any information you learn about our organization confidential.

– You will never be required to PVP with us, go on raids, or any of those kinds of activates. We will not be instigating attacks and endangering our Settlement unless it is absolutely necessary – in other words, someone is going to have to deserve being attacked by us. We are not care-bears, but we are not griefers either.

That being said, this is a PVP game. If (when) our Settlement is attacked, you WILL be required to help defend it in any way you can. We will put into place certain tasks that even the most casual of players can perform if they are online that will help in our aid in our defense.


*Some restrictions do apply. Our Settlers will not be able to discrimiate against other players, try to oust the Legates or our team from doing buisiness in our own settlement(s), or any other activity we might find harmful to the well-being of our organization as a whole. We plan on working with our settlers and their government body to create laws that are acceptable to all of us, however our Legates will always have final veto power.

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