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    Welcome to our ConanExiles Public Forum! We are a small guild named the Outfit and we invite anyone who is interested in a little PVP fun to join us in our new Conan Exiles server!

    For info about our Conan Exiles server, please visit

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    Ok, I’ll have to check into this later. It only happens when trashing/deleting posts. So I’ll just refrain from that for now until I get it sorted.


    Server clean up.

    Hi guys, the time has come to try to clean up our server. We’re getting a little busy and we are starting to get a little more lag than I would like. Now, there is not a lot we can do about it since a lot of it has to do with funcom’s optimization of the game. It’s an alpha, after all. But we can try.

    But we NEED your help!

    So, we are rewarding players who help us find abandoned builds so we can remove them.

    Here’s what I need:

    1. A screenshot of you standing in front of the build, preferably with the text on the door showing. (you can also use the repair hammer for this if no door is present).

    2. A screenshot of the map with your icon pointing at the build.

    (see attached screenshots for a reference)

    3. Email both to along with your in-game character name so you can get your reward. We will reward each legitimate report with a spawned thrall of your choosing or up to 100 t3 building pieces (whichever you prefer).

    Exception will be dancers. Right now funcom has marked all of those as “do not use” so we cannot spawn dancers.

    We will be working over the next few days to get as many of these abandoned builds deleted from the server as possible. Once your suggestion has been removed, you will be contacted at the email you used to report it, so we can set up a time to meet and give out your reward.

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    Quarter Master

    Please when you submit bases to be removed, go to them and hit CRTL-ALT-SHIFT-L and then CTRL C, and come here, and post a new message and hit CTRL-V to paste it here, so we can teleport right to the spot that needs to be taken care of.

    this will look like this…. TeleportPlayer -243875.484375 85113.75 -3844.036377

    Quarter Master

    In light of the constant stream of new exploiters, and the continued cases of thrall camps being despawned, the server is going to be wiped after the next patch.

    After the wipe the following will be in place.

    No Battleeye, as the hosting site blames this for lag issues, and it is obviously not doing anything to prevent cheating anyways.

    No structure damage. There will still be pvp, but no base raiding at all. I will also be disabling the avatars.

    Land claim radius will be .1 so 1/10th of the current distance. Also Max Aggro Range will be changed from 9000 to 4000

    Item durability will be doubled, xp and harvest rates will remain the same. Building decay will be on, and set to the standard rate.

    We will be installing the EX Conan mod, this will be the only mod we will use.

    Thank you all and I hope you all enjoy the new settings.


    Quarter Master

    New rules that will be in effect after the wipe.

    1. Building on or near resource nodes will prevent that resource from spawning after it’s harvested. Sometimes this cannot be avoided so it is not disallowed. However if you do this in so many instances that makes it look like you’re only doing it to grief your fellow players, you will be banned. I know that sometimes this can be a good strategy, but we want our players to be actually able to play the game.

    2. Building on or too close to thrall camps and/or dungeons will despawn that area so that no one can use it anymore. Until the Devs come up with a solution for this that actually works, building in these areas is not allowed on our server and your build will be deleted if you do this on more than one occasion, you will be banned.

    3. Do not block main pathways in the game the build will be deleted, and you will be banned.

    4. PVP/KOS is allowed. However, no rez killing, no camping, and no excessive harassing of players on this server is allowed. Such activity could result in an immediate ban.

    5. Raiding is not allowed. Due to excessive exploits and players utilizing them to raid, the setting to turn of damaging buildings will be set to OFF

    6. Spawning a God is not allowed, this setting will be off on our server.

    7. No PVPing in the vicinity of admin arenas and other Admin built community areas is allowed. Signs will be posted marking such builds so you are aware that they are public areas. Violation of this will result in a warning and a ban if it continues.

    8. Please clean up after yourself. We always want there to be enough space for everyone to build a great base. Especially in the Southern most regions where new players NEED to have a place for initial survival. If you have a build that just didn’t work out, is an older newbie build that you don’t use, or any other build that you have abandoned for whatever reason, please remove it from the server when you realize that you’re done with it.

    9. Any other activities not listed here that appear to be done only to grief players on our server and keep the game from being fun for everyone will be considered by the Admins once reported. Common sense will be used in sorting out issues like these. If we cannot reach a player to discuss such activities then we cannot give them the opportunity to rectify the issue. Action will likely be taken after a few days at our own discretion in such circumstances.
    To avoid any unknown actions taken by the admins against you or your builds we suggest you visit this forum regularly to see if an Admin is trying to reach you. You can also add the admins as friends on Steam as a way for us to reach you. We do our best to be active and fair and to try to reach our players before any actions are taken, however it is impossible for us to know everyone’s guild name and who belongs in those guilds, if they are simply away for a couple of weeks on vacation and other such circumstances. We simply cannot allow that to deter us from doing what needs to be done to keep our server a fun place to play.

    10. No arguing with an Admin. If an Admin makes a ruling, and you don’t agree, you can ask why the ruling was made, or come to the forums and post an appeal to the ruling. Arguing and being rude or name calling to an Admin, will get you banned.
    Appeals will be reviewed by the admins, and answered within 72 hours.

    11. There is no admin abuse allowed on the server. We will always do our best to announce in chat when we are using admin tools in the game so that everyone knows what is going on. However sometimes that is hard to do and there is no real permanent place for us to post such notices. You could easily miss them in chat. So please feel free to ask us what is going on if you’re not sure what one of us is doing flying around. We understand your concerns and are happy to discuss them with you.

    12) Admins don’t fix game bugs, we don’t bother with abandoned buildings, thrall camps, etc. We just ban people who cause the issues.

    13) Players must post ANY support issue on our forums so we can tend to them in a timely manner, at our convenience. To report a rules violation build, please visit it, stand on the bare ground and hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-L and copy that location, and paste here in the forums in your report, otherwise, all reports will be ignored. Do not tell us in chat, post it here.

    14) Admins will not reimburse your stuff. Play at your own risk. If you make a mistake and destroy anything and loose a bunch of the items that were in it, that is on you. If your build is destroyed by the decay system that is on you.

    15) People who bother the admins with personality conflicts get banned, you should all be adults, and know how to handle personality problems.

    16) Players who whine to admins reporting people for following our set rules are banned (like folks who bother us with quitting over legit pvp kills). Etc. If you threaten an admin with leaving our server for X reason, or if we don’t fix Y problem, you will be banned.

    Quarter Master

    Rewards for assisting the admins in the present game will be handed out after the wipe. Thank you all for your assistance in making our server better.

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