Our Crew

Our goal here at the Outfit is to build a solid team within our group who is committed to making us THE team to “get the job done”.  We will be working in the transportation industry, for the most part.  But since we are not care-bears, I expect we will also be getting into a little PVP trouble from time to time too.  We are rouges, smugglers, traders and merchants – some might even call us pirates from time to time.  But those are their words, not ours!!  Mostly we just take the jobs we can get and we do what we have to do to survive.

We are The Outfit.

Beholden to no government. Respected by all. Feared by some.


Our Structure and Open Positions:

This is a first draft and will be filled out in more detail soon.  If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact us.

Captain: Dhara Elysande


First Mate: Fry Captain
Quarter Master: GalloInfligo
Master Navigator: Jeronimo
Master Engineer: Available
Master Gunner: Available
Master Architect: Bomdiggety
Master Surgeon:Available

Please note: You must have Alpha access to apply for an officer position at this time.


We will be accepting multiple members in each of the positions below:

Pilot: Primarily a ship builder

Gunner: Primarily a scripter
– Xorkil

Carpenter: Primarily a builder

Striker: Primarily a resource gatherer
– Logicbomb

Mate: General crew member, no specialization
– Alexander
– RedCap
– Dilectos
– Cartagena
– Olson808
– Hampius
– Wizardoftrash
– Ceggan
– Munney

Settler: Primarily a settler in our main settlement
– Tollavgift
– PrinceChawmin
– Apoteos
– Hollow



Captain: The Captain is our founder and our primary Legate. This captain plans on ruling with a mostly democratic hand and relying heavily on her officers advice and input. However the Captain will reserve the right to overrule any decision made by our officers if it is not in the best interests of our members, organization or our goals.

First Mate: The Captain’s right hand, strategy advisor, and will be taking on many other tasks along the way. He is one of our Legates and can speak for the Captain in all matters.

Quarter Master: The Captain’s other right hand, strategy advisor, chief negotiator and is in charge of disciplinary action and/or promotions as needed. He can also speak on behalf of the Captain in all matters.

Master Navigator: The person in this position will be responsible for exploring and mapping our general sector to the best of his/her ability. He/she will document the settlements of all of our official Allies and map the locations of resources found. This person will also be responsible for mapping the courses for our official sanctioned activities.  The Master Navigator is not required to perform all of these tasks on his own.  He/she will have a team of Strikers to aid in exploration and resource gathering in which to delegate duties.

Master Engineer: This person is in charge of the Outfit’s official fleet of ships and that they all stay in good repair. He/she would make sure that we have the ships needed for our official sanctioned raids, runs and activities, and that they are all fueled up and ready to go when needed. The Master Engineer is not required to perform all of these tasks on her own.  He/she will have a team of Pilots to aid in ship building in which to delegate duties.

Master Gunner: Our master gunner will be in charge of outfitting our ships, bases and settlement with the scripts needed – especially concerning our weapons and defense. He/she will also be in charge of reviewing, testing and approving the scripts that our members want to sell with the official Outfit brand on them to ensure consistency and quality. The Master Gunner is not required to perform all of these tasks on his or her own.  He/she will have a team of Gunners to aid in scripting and building our defenses to delegate to.

Master Architect: This person will be integral in the planning of our bases and settlements; their locations, layouts, zoning, etc. He will assign carpenters the structures that need to be built and will ensure that they stick to our style guide. The Master Architect is not required to perform all of these tasks on his own.  He/she will have a team of Carpenters to aid in building our settlement and the assistance of the Captain as well.

Master Surgeon: This person will be our main healer. He/she will train up in all healing powers provided, will ensure we have enough med kits, potions, food, or whatever it is that DU gives us to help us manage our health in the game for our sanctioned activities. The Master Surgeon is not required to perform all of these tasks on her own.  He/she will have a team of Resident Surgeons to delegate needed tasks.

Pilot: a pilot is primarily a ship builder and will report to the Master Engineer to help build our fleet and keep it in good repair. He will also be first choice to be assigned to fly one of our various vessels on sanctioned activities.

Gunner: a gunner will be primarily a scripter who will help enrich our fleet and our settlement(s) with the scripts needed. He/she will report to the Master Gunner and will be first choice to man our guns and defenses on our sanctioned activities.

Carpenter: a carpenter will be primarily a builder and will report to the Master Architect to help build our settlements.

Striker: primarily a resource gatherer. The person(s) in this official position would help us gather the resources needed as determined by the various Officers in our crew to achieve our goals. He/she will report to the Master Navigator.

Resident Surgeon: this person is primarily a healer. He/she will help create whatever healing buffs that the game puts in place for our sanctioned activities and will report to our Master Surgeon.


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