Welcome to Dual Creatives!

My name is Dhara Elysande and I am a member of the Dual Universe Community and the Founder of The Outfit.  The purpose of this site will be to showcase the creations made by myself and fellow members of the Outfit.

We will probably showcase other player’s creations from time to time, post tutorials and videos as well as items we have for sale in game.  If you want to see what it might look like one day, you can check out my other site, Landmark Creatives. That’s along the lines of what I’m planning for this site long-term.

For now, this site mainly consists of our forum and our member’s fan art and game tools.  It will probably remain that way until we can get into the game and start creating.


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Outpost Zebra

Massively OP is having a vote, my sensors say. Now, @dualuniverse is in first place by a slim margin. As Noveans, w… twitter.com/i/web/status/944490698132226049

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Miguel Cepero

I'm loving the new reference meshes in Voxel Studio. It is much easier to tackle complex projects now.

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You know, thinking of halloween and all ... hell do I miss being part of being able to make something like this as… twitter.com/i/web/status/925498426275565568

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"Resistance is futile"

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